TIKe Kwon Do (2-3)

This one of a kind program gives your 2-4 year old child the benefit of training with some of the best in the business from a young age.  Have you ever watched an Oldympic Gymnast, Hockey Player or Figure Skater?  A large number of elite level athletes get involved with their sport just after they learn to walk.

Now we aren't claiming that we can make your child an Olympian, however we can give them the basic skills needed to succeed in any sport as well as life itself.  Our curriculum of gross motor skill activities and exploration incorporates our unique ability to teach life skills like goal setting, confidence and courtesy to give your child the best result possible - a winning future.

Be one of only ten students in each session.  Because space is limited, you know your child will get the utmost attention of our staff.  To start, sessions will be once a week in the mornings.

Classes are forming now and will begin in early May.  Please fill out the following interest form if you'd like to be kept up to date.